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Where the Magic Happens

Bomba Acai, through our Brazilian Supplier Partner, purchases processed Acai Pulp that has been wild harvested and flash frozen within hours of harvesting in the Amazon Jungle. The frozen processed Pulp is then shipped immediately to our Partner Facilities in Brazil and then dried using proprietary drying technology and processed into our Premium Organic Acai Powder.

The Bomba Acai Powder is tested for purity, packaged in our U.V. Protective stand up shelf bags and shipped directly to the U.S. to our FDA certified warehouse and fulfillment Center in South Florida.

Global Distribution

Worldwide Operations

Bomba Açaí ships our Premium Acai Powder to Retailers and Manufacturers of a variety of products in North America and Worldwide.

Our Customer focus include manufacturers of herbal teas, salad dressing, candies, energy drinks and gels, yogurt, cereals, nutrition supplements.  Bulk purchases from 20lbs – 2,200lbs can be made by calling toll free 1-(844) 77-BOMBA (26622)

Our individual customers can purchase directly through our website or ask your local retailer for Bomba Acai Premium Açaí Powder.

Our Fulfillment Team will ship product purchased through our Website within 48 hours to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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